Structure, modules and assessment

There are compulsory core modules, accompanied by a range of modules as part of your elective course. Students undertake 4 modules (30 credits each) plus a dissertation (60 credits).


  • ED.S831: Education, Evaluation and Research (30 credits)
  • ED.S832: Tutor-Supported Independent Study (30 credits)
  • ED.S839: Current Issues and Debates in Technology Enhanced Learning (30 credits).


  • ED.S835: Challenging Educational Inequalities (30 credits)
  • ED.S836: Policies, Ideologies and Interventions in Education (30 credits)
  • ED.S837: Globalism, Multiculturalism and Education (30 credits)
  • ED.S838: The Principles of Collaborative Learning (30 credits)


  • ED.S833: Research Dissertation (15,000-20,000 words) (60 credits)

Please note that the list of modules reflects the current offerings at the time of publication; however, there may be some unavoidable changes.


Students are assessed through formative and summative assessment based on their understanding of the various ways in which technology enhanced learning can be understood, dexterity with critically reflecting on the role technology plays in teaching and learning, and adeptness of the key issues involved in researching technology enhanced learning.

Online and Distance Learning

The Department of Educational Research has extended and considerable experience of offering online and distance courses and supporting their learners. We draw on the extensive experience on our existing doctoral programmes to foster a learning space that feels safe and supportive while also engaging and stimulating for students. The Department of Educational Research in Lancaster University is acclaimed for its success with building learning-networks, in which students support each other and share their insights from their various professional and personal contexts.

We have a vibrant research community and the Centre for Technology Enhanced Learning is an important hub for research and practice. We aim to make all our students feel that they are full members of the Department by facilitating online participation at events and seminars organised by the Department as well as the University. Students have online access to course materials and other additional resources through the Library. Lancaster University Library provides further help to Distance Learners.

Rebecca Marsden is the Online Learning Support Officer for the Department of Educational Research and she can be contacted with queries about online learning.

Download this pdf document to find out more about Computer requirements for distance learners.