11 July 2018
A Lancaster University PhD student has been awarded the Taylor & Francis Award for Best Paper at the 7th International Congress on Architectural Technology 2018.

Irene Hayden’s Best Paper award was presented by the Architectural Engineering and Design Management Journal for the paper: 'Applied Visual Interactive Resources for Building Regulation Subjects'. 

The Congress, Architectural Technology at the Interfaces,was held on 14-16 June 2018 at Ulster University, Belfast.   

Irene is a lecturer in Architectural Technology at Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology and a PhD candidate on the Higher Education: Research, Evaluation and Enhancement Doctoral Programme in the Department of Educational Research at Lancaster University.

Irene commented: "It is an honour to receive this inaugural award. The conference paper will now be reworked and fast-tracked through a double-blind peer-review process for publication in a prestigious journal. I am grateful to the team in Lancaster University for their advice and assistance in conducting this research and in writing the conference paper. This area of research is something I have been interested in completing since I began lecturing in Higher Education. My supervision at Lancaster University has been second to none, helping navigate the differences between disciplines in terms of research, evaluation and enhancement practices."

Irene’s PhD supervisor Dr Brett Bligh said "I am delighted that Irene’s doctoral work has been recognised by the presentation of the best paper award at ICAT 2018. Irene’s work is situated at the intersection between educational research and her own professional expertise in the teaching and learning of building regulations in engineering and architectural disciplines. The presentation of the award clearly demonstrates the value of this interdisciplinary approach, and its potential to contribute to scholarship while at the same time exerting a positive influence on professional practice."