25 April 2018
Join a new MOOC - Visual Literacies: Exploring educational practices and technologies which starts on April 23rd 2018

Visual Literacies: Exploring educational practices and technologies will explore how educators are making teaching and learning more visual with new technologies like infographics, comics, holograms, virtual and augmented reality.

Visual communication is reshaping how we express ourselves and interact socially online and in the classroom. On this course you will learn about how visual technologies and visual thinking are changing how we teach and learn. You will also develop an understanding of the competences required to be a visually literate educator and explore the new technologies that are being used at the forefront of teaching practice. We will share and discuss guidelines for using visual methods and visual technologies creatively and effectively. We chose the content of the MOOC after interviewing 21 experienced communicators, teachers and researchers so that the content reflects real use of technologies in authentic settings.

The Visual Literacies MOOC is run by the Visual/Video Literacies (ViLi) project team.   Team members include Educational Research lecturer Dr Julie-Ann Sime and researcher Dr Chryssa Themelis.