Each of the six modules, a thesis proposal, and the final thesis are assessed.

Part One

Compulsory core modules

Assessment for each core module involves researching and writing a publishable paper for an academic journal (7,000 words).

  • EDS851: Understanding Social Justice Internationally: Issues, Theories and Approaches
  • EDS852: Promoting Social Justice through Education
  • EDS853: Evaluating the Implementation of Social Justice Programmes

Compulsory support modules in Part One

Assessment involves a number of short assignments (5-6,000 words in total, for each module).

  • EDS855: Researching Social Justice
  • EDS854: Social Justice in Institutions and Organisations

Conversion process to Part Two

Assessment of a Thesis Proposal (the confirmation document)

Towards the end of Part One, students must produce a PhD confirmation document containing a research plan for the PhD thesis (up to 5,000 words).

Part Two

Compulsory support module in Part Two

EDS856: Writing and Defending the Thesis 

Assessment of the Thesis

The thesis is approximately 45,000 words and is assessed in the same way and against the same criteria as other Lancaster University PhDs. There will be a viva voce (conducted via video conference where preferred). External and internal examiners will be appointed to examine each student's thesis.


For information:

Whilst this programme is undertaken entirely online, the Certificate produced on successful completion of the course will say "Doctor of Philosophy in Education and Social Justice", with no mention of the mode of delivery.