Course aims

The programme enables professionals, who are working to promote social justice in or through education, to become autonomous researchers and to gain deeper and more critical insights into their professional practice and concerns. It includes development of the capacity to undertake and write up a substantial, original research project.

The specific aims of the programme are:

  • to provide opportunities for experienced professionals worldwide to gain deeper and more critical insights into concerns surrounding education and social justice, and to research and respond to these concerns;
  • to provide doctoral research opportunities to explore and understand how formal and informal education, in a variety of countries and contexts - schooling, training, adult and higher education, workplaces, voluntary organisations, reform projects - mediate social equalities and inequalities;
  • to examine whether education is a way of equalising unjust societies as part of building social capital and political reform, or reinforcing and entrenching social inequality;
  • to encourage participants to develop knowledge about, and insights into, the ways that educational research and evaluation are contributing to development, aid and the international reform movement, as well as to consider grassroots approaches to promoting social justice;
  • to support participants in publishing in high status education and social justice journals and other relevant outlets.