Core Staff Interests 

Melis Cin

Melis Cin

Melis's research interests focus on gender justice, education, and development. Most of the work she has done focuses on issues regarding women’s development through education, the relationship between education and women’s agency and empowerment, and girls’ education. Her key concern is to understand the implications of gender, economic, social and political inequalities, their bearing on education and the ways in which development and gender justice approaches can provide a route into such thinking.

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Gemma Derrick

Gemma Derrick

Gemma’s research interests involve methods of research evaluation including academic notions of scientific and societal excellence in research and how these are measured.  More specifically, she is interested in research evaluation processes, frameworks and policy which includes expertise in national research audit exercises, such as the UK Research Excellence Frameworks; university rankings; wider returns from research; societal impact; bibliometrics; peer review; and the translation of research knowledge into evidence informed policymaking. She has a particular expertise in the health and medical research fields.

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Janja Komljenovic

Janja Komljenovic

Janja's research interests broadly concern higher education policy and governance, political economy of higher education and the digital economy.  She is interested in the diversity and complexity of markets in and around universities, including the variety of actors that have entered the sector, their strategies, ways of working, and consequences for higher education and societies at large.  Most recently she has engaged in studying the relation between the digital economy and higher education and how they might affect each other. In this context she is also focused on the transition of graduates from universities to the labour market and the role of digital platforms in this process.

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Carolyn Jackson

Carolyn is interested in the ways that constructions of gendered identities and learner identities intersect. She has researched and published on issues that are salient in many countries, including single-sex and co-educational learning environments; gender and transitions; concerns about boys' 'underachievement'; 'lad' and 'ladette' identities in schools and universities; the marginalisation of girls in education; representations of 'troublesome' femininities; education and fear; teachers' perceptions of gender. Carolyn has also researched and written about the PhD examination process.

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Jan McArthur

Jan's research interests span two themes: education and social justice, and the nature of higher education. Jan is interested in inter-relationships between education and society, and between theory and practice. She has explored different interpretations of critical pedagogy, and particularly the ways in which conceptualisations of knowledge impact upon social justice. Much of Jan's work is informed by critical theory, and she has a special interest in the work of Theodor Adorno. Jan's recent work has looked at the nature of assessment and feedback, and the role of failure in learning including the relationship between conceptions of failure and social justice.

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Jo Warin

The connection between social justice and education is central to Jo's research. She is particularly interested in children's and young people's development of social awareness alongside self awareness and how the learning of these advantageous capacities is influenced by social inequalities. She is also interested in gender equality and is currently undertaking work on men and masculinities within the professions of primary and pre-school teaching.

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