Who is this programme for?

The programme is for professionals world-wide who are working to promote social justice in or through education (in its broadest sense).

The programme will be of benefit to a wide range of people, including, but not limited to:

  • teachers working in schools, further education, higher education, and lifelong learning; policy makers; managers; researchers working with social justice issues; youth workers;
  • activists and advocacy workers;
  • people with equity or social justice portfolios in a variety of institutions; education support personnel;
  • consultants; researchers and workers in charities and NGOs; and civil servants.

The programme and assignments are designed to enable participants to focus on, and research, issues that are at the heart of their own professional practice and concerns.

You can read more about the online learning experience of a recent graduate from our PhD in Education and Social Justice programme.

Our Recent PhD vivas and What our graduates say pages include graduates from the Educational and Social justice PhD programme. 

 Examples of publications arising from programme assignments include: