Each of the six modules as well as the final thesis is assessed. The assessment schedule is divided into three parts.

1. Assessment of Part One of the Programme consists of:

  • A written assignment of 7,000 words for each of the three core modules UPPHE, ECHE, RLTA.
  • Three short assignments for support Module A (5-6,000 words equivalent, in total).
  • Four very short submissions (reports, presentations, exercises), for support Module B

2. Following completion of Part One you produce a PhD confirmation document of up to 5,000 words, detailing a research plan for your PhD thesis.

3. Assessment of Part Two of the Programme consists of:

  • Three further short assignments for support Module C (2-3,000 words equivalent, in total).
  • A thesis of 45,000 words equivalent for the PhD.
  • There is an oral examination (a 'viva voce') of your PhD thesis, with both an external (to Lancaster) and an internal examiner.

Your thesis is assessed to exactly the same standards as a 'traditional route' (i.e. non-programmatic) PhD.