Core Staff Interests

Paul Ashwin

Prof. Paul Ashwin

Paul contributes to the PhD module on enhancing learning, teaching and assessment in higher education. He is also HoD of the Department of Educational Research. Paul's research is focused on teaching, learning and assessment in higher education and is drawn upon by researchers and educational and academic developers, from around the world. He is an experienced PhD supervisor having supervised more than 10 PhD students to successful completion and examined over 15 doctoral theses.

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Janja Komljenovic

Dr. Janja Komljenovic

Janja leads the PhD module on research methodology. Her research interests broadly concern higher education policy and governance, political economy of higher education and the digital economy.  She is interested in the diversity and complexity of markets in and around universities, including the variety of actors that have entered the sector, their strategies, ways of working, and consequences for higher education and societies at large.  Most recently she has engaged in studying the relation between the digital economy and higher education and how they might affect each other. In this context she is also focused on the transition of graduates from universities to the labour market and the role of digital platforms in this process.

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Natasa Lackovic

Dr. Natasa Lackovic

Natasa leads the module on enhancing learning, teaching and assessment in higher education. She is interested in image-based (visual) and multimodal research, methods and designs for learning in HE, digital education and related exploration of contemporary socio-cultural issues. Such interests entail: learning, teaching and assessment designs which acknowledge and explore multimodal learning resources, semiotics, socio-cultural and theoretical underpinnings of multimodal activities and interactions, related learners' communication and experience, arts-informed HE, and addressing community-identified issues and needs.

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Murray Saunders

Prof. Murray Saunders

Murray leads the PhD module on evaluation in higher education. He has acted as a consultant to, and undertaken a wide range of evaluative research projects for, many Government and international agencies all over the world. He enjoys promoting and developing evaluation practice as past president and Council member of the UK Evaluation Society, Board member and past president of the European Evaluation Society, and currently vice president of the IOCE (International Organisation for Cooperation in Evaluation) Board. He is associate editor of the only European international multidisciplinary academic journal in the field of Evaluation.

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Paul Trowler

Prof. Paul Trowler

Paul is the Director of the HEREE PhD programme and leads the module on policy and change in higher education. He is a very experienced and successful PhD supervisor as well as being an external examiner of PhDs in universities around the world. His research on policy and change in universities, on academic "tribes" and their territories and on the enhancement of teaching and learning is very well known and highly cited, with his texts also being translated into numerous other languages. In addition to holding a PhD and other degrees, Paul is an elected Fellow of the Society for Research into Higher Education.

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