Enhancing Learning Teaching and Assessment at University


The core module Enhancing Learning Teaching and Assessment further improves your critical appreciation of the way that learning, teaching and assessment in higher education is perceived, implemented, organised, and intrinsically linked to policy and larger socio-cultural and political structures.

You’ll scrutinise the latest critical developments in the ways that learning, teaching and assessment, and subsequently knowledge, are understood, explored and applied. You’ll be encouraged to employ relevant theories and perspectives creatively as a lens in that process. This module is designed to push the boundaries of what it means to teach, learn and assess in higher education, and reach out beyond academia. 

The module will also see you make significant progress as a professional in your employing institution - you will be capable of recognising and critically comprehending the relationship between higher education practice, research, policy, ideology and strategy.

This module is unique as it will give you a good grounding to develop a 7,000-word paper suitable for a) peer-reviewed publication in a targeted academic journal or b) presentation at conference, or c) a peer-reviewed book chapter, as a tangible outcome of your involvement in the module. This piece is the core means of assessment for this module. 

Moreover, the module will provide you with insights into public engagement strategies, which are becoming increasingly important across higher education institutions worldwide to link tertiary practice to wider communities.