Researching Higher Education


The Researching Higher Education module supports you both as a researcher leading up to the creation of a thesis and as a professional looking to improve and enhance your practice by using research and evidence.

You will gain insights in a wide variety of different methods, which produce both qualitative and quantitative data. Taking this further, you’ll then consider how the underlying philosophy and theory of different research approaches can affect how you carry out your investigations. 

Practically, you’ll learn how to carry out a successful research project: constructing a research design, selecting appropriate methodology and methods, following correct procedure to gather data, and critically reviewing your results.

Back in your employing institution, this means that you’ll be able to apply the outputs of existing research to your professional setting. You’ll also be able to design and execute highly-relevant research projects within your institution.

This module is a strong foundation upon which you will build your research portfolio. It is assessed via several short assignments, totalling 7,000 words. They allow you to polish your research and writing abilities as you progress towards later assessments and, if you wish, longer papers suitable for journal publication.