Evaluative Practice in Social Policy Domains: Higher Education


This core module will equip you as a professional working in higher education with a comprehensive understanding of evaluative practices. We will take a look at the contemporary field of evaluation and apply approaches to higher education at individual programme, institutional and at sector levels.

You’ll also begin to consider the ways in which higher education impacts development, both nationally and internationally.  

The knowledge you’ll gain of evaluation approaches, methods and theories is both essential for your development as a higher education researcher and as a professional able to effectively lead evaluation of change initiatives in your own higher education institution.

This module will provide you with practical knowledge of how to conduct relevant evaluative research, which will strengthen your institution and be suitable for publication in a high-status journal.

 Evaluative Practice in Social Policy Domains: Higher Education is assessed through a 7,000-research paper. This enhances your research experience in preparation for your thesis.