Enhancing Higher Education: Policy and Change Processes


Enhancing Higher Education is a compulsory core module which introduces you to recent research, key theories, concepts and critical perspectives about policy-making and change processes that are aimed at enhancing practices and outcomes in higher education.

This theoretical foundation will enable you to better understand issues in the management of change and help you to become a more effective change agent in your professional setting.

The skills that you will develop over the course of the module are vital to you as a researcher and as a practitioner; they benefit your employing institution when applied to the improvement of organisational performance and outcomes.

As a researcher, you will gain practical experience of the research process – the module assessment involves researching and writing a 7,000-word paper suitable for publication in an academic journal. As with the similar assignments for the other two core modules you are offered detailed formative feedback on a draft before final submission. A key feature of the module is that publications from module assignments are capable of making a real difference to policy and practice in higher education.

As a professional you will be capable of both critically addressing and initiating change in your own institution (at strategic policy, implementation and practice levels). You will also become a critical user of data provided via student evaluation and feedback mechanisms.