Inclusive curriculum design and delivery

Research impact story

Ann-Marie Houghton was part of a team which conducted research on inclusive curriculum design in higher education (funded by the Higher Education Academy). This study included a generic perspective as well as subject or disciplinary perspectives. The research has been widely disseminated to national and international audiences and examples are given below.

Ann-Marie Houghton spoke at the "What works? student retention and success" conference in March 2012 and her talk entitled "Designing an inclusive curriculum" can be seen in this video (starting at 21.50).

Ann-Marie Houghton talks about "Building inclusivity: engagement, community and belonging in the classroom" in a video hosted by the Higher Education Academy. Read the Building inclusivity transcript.

The Inclusive Curriculum design and delivery work follows from REAP's (Researching Equity, Access and Participation) earlier research about issues of equity in, and access to, higher education. An example of this research was DEIP (Disability Effective Inclusive Policies Project) which explored ways in which the Higher Education sector can support equality of opportunity in education and employment for people who are disadvantaged through a range of disabilities, and who may also be disadvantaged because of their race, gender, class and / or age.