Simulation based medical education

Research impact story

Armineh Shahoumian's doctoral research started with a focus on the use of technology for educational purposes in the NHS context and then concentrated on Simulation based medical education (SBME) by starting a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) project. This was a joint project between Lancaster University's Educational Research Department and Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (LTHTR).

Working as a KTP research associate for two years gave Armineh an opportunity to work in the research context and to be a participant observer of the practices taking place in the Simulation Centre. As part of the KTP project Armineh was involved in the development, implementation, and evaluation of blended-SBME as a new approach into SBME, including on-line briefing, simulation, and face-to-face debriefing.

For her PhD research, Armineh investigated the practices linked to blended-SBME, and learners’ and facilitators’ perceptions, experiences and challenges in the use of blended-SBME. By working on the KTP project and being a PhD student at the same time Armineh had a unique opportunity to experience and develop an understanding of both applied and academic research.