A selection of our recent research is listed below.

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Preschool worker and child


Gender EYE (Gender Diversification in Early Years Education: Recruitment, Support and Retention) is a study by the Department of Educational Research and the Fatherhood Institute, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council.

Latest figures suggest that only 2% of the UK’s early years workforce are men – a figure that has remained static for 20 years. Our research aims to identify the obstacles that stand in the way of greater gender diversity; to learn about possible solutions (including those developed overseas); and to use this knowledge to produce practical resources that can help the UK diversify this vital part of the education sector.

Understanding Knowledge, Curriculum and Student Agency

This project will examine Knowledge, Curriculum and Student Agency in undergraduate degrees in two related STEM subjects (Chemistry and Chemical Engineering) in universities in the UK and South Africa. In doing so, it will make connections between undergraduate degree courses at the global and local/national levels and facilitate an understanding of the relations between these levels

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Comics for Inclusive English Language Learning (CIELL)

The CIELL project is an ERASMUS+ Strategic Partnership in Higher Education that aims to develop the competences of second language teachers by promoting the use of comic art, and other visual representations of knowledge, to enhance the quality of teaching materials and make them more relevant to supporting the needs of dyslexic learners in a socially inclusive manner.

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