Research overview

The current and recent research projects of core staff members are represented in the following four themes. Please take time to follow the staff webpages associated with each of these.

Social inequalities in educational experiences and outcomes: intersections of gender, sexuality, class, 'race', ethnicity, migration and disability

Melis CinSue Cranmer, Ann-Marie Houghton, Carolyn JacksonMurat Oztok and Jo Warin.

Critical pedagogies for social change

Natasa LackovicJan McArthur and Murat Oztok.

Relationships and wellbeing: The affective dimensions of educational aspirations, mobilities and transitions

Melis CinSue CranmerGemma Derrick, Carolyn JacksonJanja Komljenovic and Jo Warin.

Theoretical foundations for social justice education

Melis Cin, Carolyn JacksonNatasa LackovicJan McArthur and Murat Oztok.

Photo taken with trainee pre-school teachers