DEMAND - Dynamics of Energy, Mobility and Demand Centre

Our research focusses on understanding what energy is for and the dynamics of how that is changing.

We take a distinctive approach to end-use energy demand, recognising that energy is not used for its own sake but as part of accomplishing social practices at home, at work and in moving around. In essence the centre focuses on what energy is for rather than how it is produced. This approach generates an ambitious research agenda that is crucial for organisations involved in demand management and in radically reconfiguring infrastructures, buildings and transport systems in line with greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets.   

DEMAND is an RCUK funded research centre, established in 2013 with 5 years of core funding.  It is led from Lancaster and involves a network of 10 partner universities and collaborations with EDF R&D in Paris, Transport for London and the International Energy Agency.  

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  • Professor James Falconbridge
  • Dr Mike Hazas
  • Dr Allison Hui
  • Professor Elizabeth Shove
  • Dr Nicola Spurling
  • Professor Gordon Walker