The University campus and wind turbine

Living Lab

Energy Lancaster aims to establish a vibrant, diverse and growing ‘Living Lab’ at Lancaster University. The Living Lab opens up the university campus, its facilities, its information and its management structures for students, staff and businesses to learn about and improve the way they use energy, in a safe and controlled manner. It leverages our existing infrastructure and activities to support businesses as well as the core priorities of the university.

Our strengths include

  • A single site with demand, supply and storage systems operated by a single entity
  • A track-record in the delivery of energy research and infrastructure projects - relevant energy expertise and research being conducted in various departments and centres, e.g. Energy Lancaster, DEMAND, Data Science Institute, Engineering, LUMS and the Centre for Global Eco-Innovation
  • An active and rich business engagement programme
  • A robust data collection system
  • Excellent facilities
  • An active and engaged student population.

We aim to leverage and expand these unique aspects which Lancaster University has to offer, in order to establish the university as a nationally and globally significant hub for energy-related research, teaching and activity.