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Our Visiting Professors

We are proud to have three distinguished Visiting Professors affiliated to the department. All are world renowned and highly celebrated within their field. Each represents a distinct area of English Literature and Creative Writing. 

Our visiting professors are highly active within the department.  As a student, you can expect to attend lectures embedded in study modules as well as being invited to specialist seminars and public talks. For Postgraduate students, there may also be the opportunity to have one-to-one tutorials with the professors in order to seek advice on your own work and career.   

Visiting Professors motivate the department to maintain a world-leading reputation, delivering the highest quality of teaching and undertaking outstanding research.   

Professor Terry Eagleton

Distinguished Professor of English Literature

Professor Terry Eagleton is an internationally celebrated literary scholar and cultural theorist. He has written over fifty monographs including Literary Theory (1983). He has explored Marxist literary theory, religion in literature and themes concerning his native Ireland. Professor Eagleton has also published creative works including the novel Saints and Scholars (1987), several widely performed plays including Saint Oscar (1989), the screenplay for Derek Jarman’s film Wittgenstein (1993) and a memoir, The Gatekeeper (2001).

A list of his other publications include, The New Left Church (1966), Shakespeare and Society (1967), Exiles and Emigrés: Studies in Modern Literature (1970), Criticism and Ideology (1976), The Function of Criticism (1984), The Significance of Theory (1989), The Ideology of the Aesthetic (1990), Heathcliff and the Great Hunger (1995), The Illusions of Postmodernism (1996), Crazy John and the Bishop (1998), Sweet Violence (2003), The English Novel (2004), Holy Terror (2005), Trouble with Strangers (2008), How to Read a Poem (2008), Why Marx was Right (2011), The Event of Literature (2012) and Across the Pond: An Englishman's View of America (2013). 

His past appointments have included the John Edward Taylor Professor of English Literature at the University of Manchester (2001-2008), and Thomas Warton Professor of English Literature at the University of Oxford (1992-2001). 

Professor Eagleton is a Fellow of both the British Academy and the English Association, and has held visiting appointments at Cornell, Duke, Iowa, Melbourne, Notre Dame, Trinity College Dublin, and Yale universities.

Professor Terry Eagleton lecturing at Lancaster Priory
Professor Terry Eagleton lecturing at Lancaster Priory

Professor Paul Muldoon

Distinguished Professor of Poetry 

Professor Paul Muldoon is an internationally renowned poet. He has won both the Pulitzer Prize and T. S. Eliot Prize for his work. The Guardian named him ‘the most significant English-language poet born since the Second World War’.

Professor Muldoon has published over thirty collections of poetry, including Knowing My Place (1971), Madoc: A Mystery (1990), Moy Sand and Gravel (2002), Maggot (2010) and One Thousand Things Worth Knowing (2015). His poetry has been translated into over 20 languages and published worldwide. He has also published works of criticism, libretti, books for children, song lyrics and radio and television drama. 

Professor Muldoon’s work can be described as paradoxical, things not always being what they seem. He is a traditionalist but also an innovator, re-making poetic forms and devices, working alongside songwriters and musicians. He takes traditional themes and ideas and blends them with current politics and culture, allowing us to view the world anew.  His work is noted for its playful use of language, its lyricism, allusion and wit.  

His past appointments have included Professor of Poetry at the University of Oxford (1999-2004). He is currently a Howard G. B. Clark '21 Professor at Princeton University.  

Professor Muldoon is also Poetry Editor of The New Yorker, a former president of the UK Poetry Society, Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature, Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Letters.

Professor Paul Muldoon with PJ Harvey at the 2017 Lancaster Words Festival
Professor Paul Muldoon with PJ Harvey at the 2017 Lancaster Words Festival

Professor Benoît Peeters

Professor of Graphic Fiction and Comic Art

Professor Benoît Peeters is an internationally renowned graphic novelist, intellectual biographer, cultural historian and screenwriter. He is a world authority on Hergé, the creator of Tintin, and author of the best-selling biography, Tintin and the World of Hergé (1988).

With Francois Schuiten, he has written a series of graphic novels: Les Cités Obscures. The popular Obscure Citiesseries is now being translated into English for the first time. The first volume, The Leaning Girl, was published in 2014 and the second, The Theory of a Grain of Sand, in 2016. The fictional worlds the series explores are influenced by 1950s European architecture and the early Victorian science fiction of Jules Verne.

Professor Peeters has also collaborated with the graphic artist Frédéric Boilet, publishing Love Hotel (1993), Tokyo Est Mon Jardin (1997), and Demi-tour (1997). Peeters has also collaborated with acclaimed Japanese manga writer and artist Jiro Taniguchi, publishing L' Homme qui dessine

An enthusiast for narratives in all their forms, Professor Peeters has collaborated with the photographer Marie-Françoise Plissart, the musician Bruno Letort‚ and the filmmakers Raoul Ruiz and Jaco Van Dormael. His interest in cinema has increased over the years. He is the author of three short films as well as several documentaries and is the director of one feature film‚ The Last Shot

Professor Peeters' other publications include biographies of Jacques Derrida (2014) and Paul Valery (2016), French novelist and critic Claude Simon (2001), and the Chilean film maker Raul Ruiz (2015).

Professor Benoît Peeters at the 2016 Lakes International Comic Art Festival
Professor Benoît Peeters at the 2016 Lakes International Comic Art Festival