2019 Lancaster Writing Awards

The Lancaster Writing Award for Criticism

1st – Antonia Harrison, 'A man sees in the world what he carries in his heart”: how conventions of the Faust story are altered by epistemological, cultural and literary contexts' read

2nd – Amy Redman, ‘An analytical exploration of the degradation of female identity as a result of compelling maternal instinct and the psychological consumption of individual womanhood, in relation to contemporary dystopian fiction' read

3rd – Sarah Fairclough, Marlowe’s Presentation of Seduction within ‘The Passionate Shepherd to his Love’ read

The Lancaster Writing Award for Prose Fiction

1st – Sophie Brown 'Ashes to Ashes' read

2nd – Jane Cook 'Last 1015 to somewhere' read

3rd –Keri Mcintyre 'Train from Chicago, 1928' read

The Lancaster Writing Award for Poetry

1st – Sarah Adegbite 'On Asking My Mother Who Came Before Me' read

2nd – Leontine Langevin '17:55' read

3rd – Resse Tunstall 'Wings' read

The Lancaster Writing Award for Screen-Writing

1st – Hebe Fryer 'I Had a Dream' read

2nd – Harriet Metcalfe 'An Act of Kindness' read

3rd – Helen Gore 'Titanic: The Musical' read