31 January 2019

The last place Spring wants to be is in the rundown, coloured section of a hospital surrounded by the groans of sick people and the ghost of her dead sister. But as her son, Edward, lies dying she has no other choice…..

‘Remembered’, the first novel to be written by former Lancaster University lecturer and PhD student Dr Yvonne Battle-Felton, was published on February 7 by Dialogue Books and longlisted for The Womens' Prize for Fiction on 4 March.

Set in Philadelphia in 1910, there are whispers that Edward drove a streetcar into a shop window. Some people think it was an accident, others claim that it was his fault. The police are certain he was part of a darker agenda. Is he guilty? Can they find the truth?

Pennsylvania-born and New Jersey-bred Dr Battle-Felton holds an MA in Writing from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore and a PhD in Creative Writing from Lancaster University.

She is now a lecturer in Creative Writing and Creative Industries at Sheffield Hallam University.

A writer of fiction and creative non-fiction, her writing has been published in riverSedge, Assisi, Not Somewhere Else but Here: A Contemporary Anthology of Women and Place, Welter, Slices, and The Chesapeake Reader Literary Journal.

Yvonne was a recipient of a Northern Writers' Award in 2017 for ‘Remembered’.

During her time at Lancaster University she developed numerous literary initiatives within the City area and at the University, including the monthly ‘Stories at the Storey’ open mic events and the North West Literary Salon gatherings.