21 May 2019
'Videogames and Horror': new book by Dr Dawn Stobbart October 2019

Videogames and Horror From Amnesia to Zombies, Run!
University of Wales Press October 2019

Dawn Stobbart explores the presence, role and function of horror in videogames, demonstrating how video games enter academic discussions of horror and how they offer a unique space that horror is particularly suited to fill within the academic community. This study engages with the research of scholars to explore a range of exciting topics, including the construction of stories in videogames, the role of the monster, and how death is treated as a learning tool and as a facet of horror.Each chapter in this book focuses on a specific aspect of horror and gaming, considering videogames as textual artefacts and situating videogames as part of the humanities, demonstrated by specific examples of horror in audio-visual media. The book also focuses on the use of horror elements throughout the medium of videogames, exemplifying their importance to the video gaming industry. This book is written for both students and academics, as well as adult readers of all levels.

Introduction: A Light in the Darkness: Videogames and Horror

Chapter 2: Dissecting the Videogame: Genres in the Medium

Chapter 3: Transgressing Boundaries: Adaptation, Intertextuality, and Transmedia

Chapter 4: Play Me a Story: Storytelling in Horror Videogames

Chapter 5: Who Am I?: Identity and Perspective

Chapter 6: The Undead Invade: Monsters in Videogames

Chapter 7: Death and the End: The Final Chapter?

Dawn Stobbart is an Associate Lecturer at Lancaster University.