The Distance Learning MA Summer School 2015

Students came from around the world to attend the 2015 Distance Learning MA Summer School. 

See below for a selection of responses drawn from anonymous evaluation forms completed by our Distance Learning MA Summer School.

Being an international group was definitely a plus. Everyone had an interesting story to tell, and because of that everyone's writing was so diverse, just like the different cultures that were represented.

It was great to meet not only the students but the tutors too. They all worked so hard and were incredibly supportive and understanding. I’m taking home a wonderful experience and a wealth of assimilated learning.

I really enjoyed the workshops. They were all useful in many different ways – some of them for actually producing creative work – quickly!

I’ve had a fabulous time. I did think it would be fun, but not as much fun as it has been.

The session with Sallyanne Sweeney was extremely elucidating and useful. It helped me to have a much clearer notion of what steps I should take in order to actually get my writing published.

It was very helpful to be able to have a live discussion with my tutor and ask direct questions.