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I am interested in seeing proposals on fiction - the novel / short story collections, creative non fiction - personal / lyric essays, memoir, autobiographies, creative/critical and hybrid forms. I am particularly interested in projects that engage with a 'sense of place' (including the no-place of cyberspace), first person fiction / non-fiction and the instability / unreliability this mode of story-telling engenders, projects that merge fiction with memoir and autobiographical writing or documentary, or ones which use epistolary forms. I am also interested in LDS fiction and fiction non/fiction that engages with religion and religious experience more generally.

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I am happy to supervise students in twentieth-century American fiction and film, and in particular science fiction, gender (especially masculinity) in film, city fictions, and critical/creative and creative writing projects.

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I am interested in receiving proposals from doctoral students in two main areas that form the focus of my own research. These are: explorations of draft materials and process in relation to Romantic and Victorian writers and poets; projects concerned with literary geography or literary mapping in the same period. I am also interested in digital projects centred on these same fields. More traditionally I am able to supervise projects on Romantic writers, particularly Wordsworth, or on the region of the Lake District.

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I am happy to hear from potential PhD candidates who want to work on projects related to my research specialisms, namely: literature and the Bible, literature and place, and Victorian fiction (including creative writing projects). I am also interested in longitudinal studies and especially the ongoing influence of Reformation theologies on British and American identities, politics and aesthetics.

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I would welcome research proposals in postcolonial literatures, especially at the intersections with the environmental humanities, theory (broadly construed), or romanticism.

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I would welcome research students working on any aspects of medieval to early modern literature relating to the research interests outlined above. In particular, I would be interested in research proposals relating to: - early drama, performance and spectatorship - libel, slander or defamation (pre-1642) - the records of Star Chamber - early selfhood and identity - false news, disinformation and early modern media - environmental problems (medieval to early modern) and ecocriticism Please contact me if your are interested in pursuing postgraduate research in any of these areas or others related to medieval and early modern studies.

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I am interested in supervising interdisciplinary projects based in British literature and culture from the late eighteenth century to the end of the nineteenth century, especially interdisciplinary projects involving literature's relation to other media (painting, photography, theatre, film, television, new media, etc.). I am also interested in supervising projects dealing with the theory, history, and rhetoric of adaptation in the humanities more generally.

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I’d welcome proposals from writers interested in contemporary poetry in English, with a compositional, editorial and critical emphasis. Reflective approaches taken by former students have included negative capability, the poem as liminal space, cinema and the poem, memory, uses of ekphrasis, the poem and its places (especially the overlooked or peripheral), writing Liverpool, the poem in sequence, poetry and radio, and the ecologically alert poem. I’ve also supervised prose, script-based and hybrid projects that engage with some of these themes.

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Alison would welcome proposals from potential doctoral students wishing to work on any aspect of Renaissance drama of the sixteenth and seventeenth century
These could include a wide range of projects, from
(i) single-author studies
e.g. Shakespeare, Middleton, Jonson, Webster, Ford, Brome
(ii) comparativestudies focussing on the work of two or more writers in a genre or topic
(e..g. pastoral drama by Shakespeare, Fletcher and Lady Mary Wroth, public and private performance arenas in the work of Shakespeare and his contemporaries (e.g. Marlowe, Heywood, Jonson, Ford, Midlleton, Brome, The Sidney family circle; Elizabeth Cary, William Cavendish and his family circle)
(iii) scholarly editions of plays from the periodby male or female dramatists(with the potential to develop a proposal to the Revels Plays)
(iv) aspects of theatre history from the sixteenth or seventeenth centuries up to the present
In connection with her co-direction of the Quaker Project, she would also welcome doctoral proposals from those wishing to study aspects of early quaker writing (either scholarly editing or broader discursive analysis, especially with relation to location).

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I am interested in supervising projects on nineteenth- and twentieth-century fiction, especially Jane Austen, Charles Dickens and Joseph Conrad.

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I am interested in the West and the Western, fantasy and science fiction including the graphic novel, anything Irish, and longer fiction in general.

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I am interested in interdisciplinary approaches, especially in literature, religion and the visual arts, especially in relation to Wordsworth, Ruskin, Newman and nineteenth-century Catholic literature. My most recent publications have focused on Cultural Tourism in Europe and cultural nationalism in Japan. I am currently working on a book about the construction of sacred spaces in nineteenth-century literature.

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My expertise lies in Creative Writing that engages with SFF/Fantastika, ethnicity and identity. As a scriptwriter, I would particularly welcome Creative Writing PhD proposals that are focussed on writing for film, TV, radio or theatre. I am willing to co-supervise with colleagues both within the department and in LICA.

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I would be interested in supervising research projects on seventeenth-century literature, particularly writing from the radical religious sects, and on projects relating to twentieth-century women's writing and/or feminist criticism.

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I welcome proposals on: Victorian literature and religion/theology; other aspects of Victorian literature (including the novel, sensation fiction, ghost stories, periodicals, Dickens, Collins, Meynell, and Wilde); the broader relationship between literature and religion since 1800; and the work of G. K. Chesterton.

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I am interested in supervising projects in short stories, linked short story collections, 'novels in stories' and 'in between' forms. I am interested in writing that has a political focus, as well as novels that merge genre and literary fiction, as well as writing which explores issues of disability and caring. My other area of interest is speculative fiction, especially work that attempts to engage with current science and issues of climate change.

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I am interested in receiving high quality proposals from prospective PhD students in the following areas: -Modern Arab literature in English, French or translation. -Palestinian, Lebanese and 'Levantine' literatures. -Postcolonial theory and the Arab world. -Migration/diaspora literature.

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Composition in fiction and poetry, especially with transcultural emphasis

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I am currently supervising early modern PhD theses on queer theory, desire and disability. Previously, I have supervised early modern postgraduate research on:  Thomas Wyatt and mazes; early-modern disability studies; the reformation of sleep in Tudor England; sixteenth-century occult poetics; biopolitics, gender and outlawry. I would especially welcome research students working on the following aspects of early-modern writing and culture: embodiment; emotions; historical phenomenology; mythology; poetry and prose; spatiality; superficiality; translation, adaptation, and reception. I am happy to co-supervise Creative Writing theses. Please contact me if your are particularly interested in pursuing postgraduate research in any of these areas.

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I welcomes applications from students working in the field of cultural theory or engaging with literary and other texts to explore cultural events and practices and have a particular interest in supervising projects on mobilities, space/place and landscape (see recent publications).

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Romantic literature and science, medicine and technology; Romantic poetry; literature and science; literature and medicine; animals and literature; Romantic women's writing and science and/or medicine; literature and chemistry; literature and natural history.

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Victorian literature; Modernism; life-writing; place-writing; literary theory; post-criticism or critical-creative writing; religion and literature; experimental criticism.

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I would be interested in supervising any students whose research topics fall within Modern and contemporary writing in English, but particularly those working on poetry.

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I welcome PhD applications related to any aspect of Gothic in literature, film, television and popular culture, or to fashion, costume and dress in literature and/or film. I am happy to consider interdisciplinary proposals and projects in creative writing (with a co-supervisor in creative writing).

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I welcome proposals on contemporary fiction (British and American); literature and theology; Douglas Coupland; nineteenth-century religion.

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I am particularly interested in projects that cross the borders of the academy, fusing both creative and critical research. Projects in writing poetry that involves a depth of reading and that situate bodily experience in a historical/cultural context, including longer narrative verse, would be welcome. I would also be interested in critical projects investigating the prose of contemporary poets, Heidegger, Merleau-Ponty or any study relating to phenomenological literary criticism.

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I would be delighted to hear from prospective PhD students interested in working on the Gothic, science fiction, medical humanities, trauma theory, or Second World War literature.

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