Centre for Transcultural Writing and Research

Postgraduate study within the department has been strengthened by the establishment, in May 2007, of the Centre for Transcultural Writing and Research (CTWR).

The Centre for Transcultural Writing and Research is jointly directed from the Department of European Languages and Culture and the Department of English Literature & Creative Writing. The Centre links writers, academics and the departments' postgraduate student community to extensive research activity carried out though critical and creative writing, especially focused on the impact of writing on society. Our aim is to create a transnational and interdisciplinary environment. We are committed to promoting creative writing across cultures and to studying the work of writers from a wide range of social and cultural contexts.

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Recent Projects and Events

The activities of the Centre stimulate and explore creative process – its definition through textual production, mobility, publication, transmission, adaptation, re-writing and translation – and its theoretical and cultural context. Since its inception in 2007, CTWR has raised the profile of a range of pre-existing transcultural and intercultural research activities, including Crossing Borders, Radiophonics, Moving Manchester and Trans-Scriptions.

In 2015, our planned events include a new series of Trans-Scriptions, entitled ‘Writing for Liberty’, which is being funded by a generous donation from Lancaster University Friends Fund. We will also be creating a searchable archive of our current resources, enabled by Lancaster’s FASS Capital Expenditure Fund.