20th and 21st Century Literature

Research at Lancaster into 20th and 21st century literature brings together a large group of colleagues with a rich mix of specialisms.

Our many strengths include: literary theory, an area underpinned by Terry Eagleton’s open seminars and lectures and the Northern Theory School; world literature, an area enriched by the Centre for Transcultural Writing and Research; and location, an area led by the Landscape and Writing Seminar. Other areas of strength and indeed innovation include: religion, science fiction, adaptation, film, pop culture, modernism, sleep, and post-criticism or critical-creative writing.

Staff working on twentieth and twenty-first century literature include: Brian Baker, Arthur Bradley, Terry Eagleton, Kamilla Elliott, Michael Greaney, Hilary Hinds, Lindsey Moore, Lynne Pearce, Tony Pinkney, John Schad, Tony Sharpe, Catherine Spooner, and Andrew Tate.