Staff Research Interests

Our staff have research interests and expertise in all major areas of Literary Study and Creative Writing.

My main areas of interest are long prose fiction the short story and creative non fiction and the personal essay. My recent work has concentrated on the unreliable or limited narrator and on LDS fiction and on respresentations of the sick or traumatised self in memoir / the lyric essay and hybrid works. My last novel, Fell (2016), engages with ideas about healing, transformation, haunting and masculinity and I have recently returned to these themes in a book length collection of linked personal essays provisionally entitled Notes Made While Falling.

I am also interested in writing industries and new routes into publication for writers, collaborative working between writers, and the way writers and other creative practitioners work together. With this in mind, in 2013 I co-founded the writers' and artists' collective, Curious Tales, which allows practioners to work together to create, produce and deliver creative works. So far we have published the illustrated anthologies: The Longest Night: Five Curious Tales, Poor Souls' Light: Seven Curious Tales, Bus StationL Unbound, The Barrow Rapture and Congregation of Innocents: Five Curious Tales. I also co-write collaborative weird/uncanny/horror fiction with R. S Hirst (The Night Vistors, Plunge Hill Hospital, etc).

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