Pre-Arrival Information

Congratulations on gaining a place at Lancaster University. We are thrilled to be your destination department and welcome you to our community of staff and students.

The Department has sent a welcome email to all new undergraduate students to provide them with useful preliminary information. The department will be sending the official welcome email out on Monday 10th September with further information regarding module enrolment and welcome week activities.

Please See the University Welcome Site for more information about registering, accommodation and fees.


Part I Module Booklet: Part I Module Handbook 2019-20PDf download

Undergraduate Handbook: Undergraduate Handbook 2019-20 PDf download

Lancaster Words: Lancaster Words: An Anthology of Essays PDf download

Schedule for Department Day (Tuesday of Welcome Week): ELCW Department Day (Tues) Schedule 2019-20 PDf download

Part I Online Guide: link to site

First Year Facebook Group: link to side

Keep in touch via Social Media Follow us (@lancaster_words) on Facebook and Twitter