What is this about?

An idea can strike at any time. But turning that idea into a thriving enterprise takes a little longer. It needs to be built up and tested out, refined and evolved - building a solid foundation around that first spark.

We’re here to help harness energy, creativity and drive, to give ambition physical form - converting thoughts into actions, and goals into strategies. It’s not a straight line with a set start and finish. It’s a process of progression, always evolving - breaking new ground and setting new directions. And it’s no solo endeavour. We know that great entrepreneurs are lauded for their single minded strength, but we also know that collaboration is a powerful force. With skills workshops, we turn students into a workplace-ready professionals. With peer support and partnerships, we turn innovative ideas into working enterprises. And with professional mentorship and advice, we turn start-ups and SMEs into business equipped to reach new consumer markets.

This is a home to the next step, a space and a service designed to help your ideas thrive - for turning vision into venture, and business thinkers into business leaders.

We bring you: Work In Progress

The Lancaster University Enterprise Team are here to support students, alumni and staff to develop their 21st century skills and transform their ideas into reality. We are now operating from our new 'Work in Progress' space based in Alex Square. Below is a taste of what we have to offer. Please come in for a chat to find out more or browse through TargetConnect to see what events are on each week!

What's on offer?

- Creative Thinking Workshops
- Business Model Development
- Insights into Industry
- Creative Enterprise Support
- Opportunities to pitch for funding
- Help to register your business
- Expert advice drop-ins
- Co-working facilities

Find out more by coming to speak to a member of our team in the Work in Progress Space. You can also find and book on to all of our events through TargetConnect - just filter the events category by 'Innovation, Entrepreneurial Learning and Business Support'

If it's inspiration you need...

Many enterprising Lancaster students and graduates have done exciting things with their ideas, during their time at University and in life after.

If you want to make the most out of your student experience and are looking for inspiration to get started, check out our 'Inspire Me' tag on the News pages, and take a look at the Startup Stories gallery for tales of triumph, failure and lessons learned.