About Labs

Labs are like gymnasiums for innovators and their ideas; multi-purpose spaces devoted to the development of the creative problem-solving mindset, equipped with all the tools, tips and techniques to knock your ideas into shape and get them moving. 

Like gyms, once you’ve registered, you decide when to come, what to work on, what ‘equipment’ to use and how long you want to spend on each exercise. Like your personal trainer, we’ll help you to stay on track and spot your blind spots, show you how to use new equipment, and even help you to hook up with buddies and other like-minded individuals.

To understand more about the values and philosophy that underpins our Labs model, and our offer generally, please visit this page.

Like any gym, there’s more than one thing you can do.  Similarly, Labs come in many different forms.  Depending on what you are looking to do – sharing your skills, stories and experience, listening and learning from others, practising pitching, networking for collaborators, doing some teamwork or group planning, zooming in on your planning documents and finances, or undertaking product or service design workshops – there will be a Lab for you.

For the full list of bookable Labs, as well as examples of how other people use them, please visit this page.