Breaking Badvertising

Your marketing can define your business: don’t ignore the value of good advertising


If you watch even a little bit of television, you’ll know which website is associated with the meerkat above.

Compare the Market have successfully created a campaign which people recognise, and buy into, and has made the price comparison website founder an estimated £220 million

The Russian meerkat might have been a hit for Compare the Market, but there are countless other adverts which have not made the cut – creating an advertising campaign is an art, and as Peter Harrington (founder of Simventure) writes, “chronic badvertising” is a major issue for most SMEs who piece together a campaign with disastrous results.

He argues that “badvertising” is often the result of creative designers working with clients to create a beautifully crafted campaign, which very often neglects the real message and call to action which is supposed to be featured. He says art and copy should be viewed in unity rather than as separate entities and campaigns should be created with both in mind.

His solution to curing “badvertising”? Find out here.