Varsity Pitch 2016

Opportunity to win £10,000 from a 60 second pitch!

The Varsity Pitch Competition is on the hunt for the best student and graduate businesses. The competition takes place in three stages including an online People’s Vote with Lloyds Banking Group, a bootcamp with an impressive lineup of mentors and a grand final.

Not only is this an opportunity to win a prize of £10,000 and other priceless opportunities, it is also the perfect chance to get your business or idea noticed by some of the biggest companies in the UK.

The competition is open to any current students at a UK university or college, or anyone who has graduated in the UK after 2011.

Apply here with a 60 second video pitch by 12pm (midday) on the 16th of September.

To find out more, including a timeline of events and details of the different categories click here.