A Resource Bank for Innovators

Problem Definition – What is the problem or need I am trying to address?

Problem definition design tool

Notes on problem definition

Breaking down a complex issue – understanding the problem space I want to work in

How to clarify my priorities by breaking down a complex issue

Getting to the heart of the problem – Causes design tool

UnLtd – Defining the problem and your solution to it ** recommended reading if you are solving a social problem!

UnLtd – Defining your Social Model – guidance for Social Innovators

Understanding the Stakeholders and Customers I want to work with and serve

People and Connections Map Design Tool

How to do the … People and Connections Map

Who is my Target Group / audience?

Who is my Target Group – Design Tool

Who am I creating Value for and how? – Value Proposition Canvas explained


Value Proposition Design Storyboard

Value Proposition Canvas Design Tool








Ideation and Evaluation

Generating new ideas

Fast Idea Generator Design Tool

Looking at my idea or solution from different perspectives

Six Thinking Hats Design Tool

Defining my solution – What is it and why should I do it?


The Business Model Canvas





A digital powerpoint Business Model Canvas you can use for presentations




Money Matters, budgeting, costs and staying afloat

Working out the numbers – a work book

Selling your idea




Who is a Social Innovator?

Who is a Social Innovator?