Post Grad Researchers

“As the global research environment becomes more competitive, acknowledging and understanding the skills, traits and capabilities of researchers who drive and create internal change within universities is becoming more important. These are also important skills for employment in organisations outside higher education” [1]


Our support for Post Grad Researchers aims to develop your capacities as a fully-rounded research professional, with a focus on the enterprising attitudes and behaviours that you will need to make your research transcend the academic world and contribute positively to local and global society.

The job-market for PGRs is a competitive place.  Most Postgraduate Researchers (PGRs) aspire to a career in research within academia.  However, a recent report for Vitae, the global leader in supporting the professional development of researchers, indicates that whilst 90% of all PGRs graduating in 2007 were in employment by 2010, less than half were in research positions within academic institutions (44%). Furthermore, only 12% were in research positions outside of academic and 44% went into non-research related careers.  What does this mean for someone like you?

You may associate ‘enterprise’ with starting you own company.  However, enterprising individuals are critical to the survival and growth of all organisations, both within and outside of academia. Entrepreneurial people are adept at: ‘seeing an idea through, spotting opportunities, having the confidence to lead or initiate change processes, taking risks and being resilient’. [2]

Whether you aspire to be one of the 56% in research positions or not, one thing is for certain, the enterprise and innovation skills identified by the Vitae Researcher Development Framework will help to prepare you for your chosen career path regardless of where you choose to take it.  These skills include:

  • having novel ideas and realising their potential
  • recognising and validating problems and solutions
  • working collaboratively with stakeholders to apply research in innovative ways
  • being self-reflective and resilient, seeking ways to improve performance and overcome obstacles
  • applying project management tools and techniques

What can I do?

PGRs are welcome to explore sustainable research outputs in Labs alongside students, staff and other researchers working on their ideas.  However, we run a scheme exclusively for PGRs – PG Rise which runs throughout the year.

If you have any queries about Intellectual Property spin-outs or licensing, or would like to make a disclosure, please email us and we’ll arrange for you to speak to our IP Development Manager.

If you are interested in taking advantage of our Consulting Service to undertake paid work externally under the University’s brand, please contact Jon Powell.

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