Commercial Awareness & CAKE…

Are you preparing to move into graduate employment and want to make sure you can stand our from the crowd? Do you like cake?

Commercial Awareness is increasingly cited by graduate employers as an essential competency when seeking new employees.  Commercial Awareness for Knowledge Exchange (CAKE) is a short workshop that will accelerate your understanding of how their businesses work and give you the insights to show how you can make a difference as their latest recruit.

By the end of this session you will:

  • Understand why Commercial Awareness is so important to graduate employers
  • Understand what a Business or Value Model is and how you can apply it to your job seeking activities
  • Have practised analysing the Business Model of a popular graduate employer or on-campus company
  • Have practised analysing the Business Model of an employer that you are interested in
  • Have enjoyed eating some cake.

The session will be led by Lyndsey Egerton, Student Opportunities & Skills Developer, from the University’s Careers service.  She will draw on the Business Model Canvas as a framework for designing, analysing and describing Business Models for organisations of all sizes, in all industries and sectors.  If you are preparing generally for employment, or have a particular employer you are hoping to impress, the insights gained in this session could help you to stand out from other candidates.

If you are not graduating this time but would like to attend to develop your Commercial Awareness, please register as normal.

When? Thursday 7th June, 1:30-3:30pm

Where? Bowland North Seminar Room 23

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Commercial Awareness for Designers

Commercial Awareness for Knowledge Exchange Sessions

Gerasimos Balis, the Enterprise Team’s Design Facilitator recently collaborated with Bijan Aryana to deliver some commercial awareness workshops as part of Bijan’s Design and Business module for MA Design Management students. The sessions were successful and appeared to add great value to the student’s projects. Below is a bit more information on what was covered in the sessions and some of the feedback received.

Commercial Awareness for Designers

The first 3 hour session involved:

  • An introduction to Business models and tools to evaluate them
  • Reflection on the impact of design expertise on business

The second 3 hour session involved:

  • Design process models and roles designers play in a ventrue
  • Examples of best practice from design agencies
  • Workshop on articulating their own design process

Great feedback was received for both sessions from student’s who took part:

‘I like the activities which were really engaging, fun and new to me’

‘I like the interactive exercises and tools provided’

‘I like the groupwork elements because it helps our ideas flow and we get some really interesting inputs and ideas’

‘Good content, helped a lot towards our project and ensured we followed a plan to effectively accomplish the activities’

‘Loved the activities, really helpful’

‘The activity further strengthened the understanding of the design process and its adaptability’ 

‘wonderful experience’

These sessions are all part of the Enterprise Team’s wider aims to contribute to enhancing student’s commercial awareness by equipping them with some useful tools within the curriculum. This is a scheme we have named CAKE (Commercial Awareness for Knowledge Exchange). To find out more, please visit the dedicated CAKE webpage.


Using the Business Model Canvas to unpack placement employers

Workshop: 7th February, 1-3pm

Before you start your placement in a company you need to understand how it operates, this will help you to find the best way to leave your mark –and a good impression. In this session we will present examples of how you can achieve this using the Business Model Canvas.

Experimenting with this tool will allow you to explore and dig into all the elements of a organisation’s business model, creating new and deeper questions and insights which will enhance your commercial awareness, your ability to quickly get to grips with how different organisations tick, and get you thinking about how you might fit into, and create value for the organisation in your role.

The session will take place in the Learning Zone in Pod 4. To confirm your attendance, please sign-up on Target Connect.

MOOC: The Importance of Money in Business

MOOC to develop your commercial awareness & financial knowledge, starts 7th March

mooc money in business2Free Future Learn online course for greater understanding of the role money plays in business success.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur in the making, or you’re looking to work for an established business when you leave University, here’s an opportunity to improve your commercial awareness by completing a Future Learn course in conjunction with the University of Leeds.

Over four weeks you’ll get insights from business professionals and entrepreneurs from adidas, PwC, FitFlop and M&S (to name but a few of the companies involved) about dealing with financial matters and understanding financial strategies for growing a business.

By signing up to the course you’ll have access to videos, animation, interview and top tips. You’ll also have the opportunity to map your skills and demonstrate your commitment to developing your commercial awareness – a crucial skill required by many graduate  employers. This isn’t just a course for future accountants and financiers; understanding the importance of money in business development is relevant across a variety of career paths.

Find out more about the course here and sign up.