Share It Lab: LinkedIn top tips

Graduate entrepreneur, Nadeem Khan to share LinkedIn top tips

Recent Masters graduate, Nadeem Khan, Founder of Optimizhr will be joining us to share his top tips for using LinkedIn to make a positive impression to clients. 

When? Tuesday 8th May, 3-4pm

Where? Learning Zone Pod 3

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Take a moment to think about the impression that you want to create of yourself on the rest of the world. Then for a second the impression that you already have created?

Today digital media has transformed the way we work, eat, move, walk, talk and live. Our lives as I write these words create a digital footprint of me, who I am, my likes, dislikes essentially enabling me to create a personality profile. So anyone in the world who doesn’t know much about me can simply Google my name and find out more or less that what I have already made available on the worldwide web. Whether we like it or not these posts can stick around for a long-long time so how can we control what we post or should we be controlling them?

As you enter the professional world, you are likely to be screened according to your digital footprint and that’s when things can go haywire for you. There are therefore two personalities with your name, one the obvious you and the second the digital one that you create for your audience so be sure that you create a good one. Nevertheless, if you manage to create a good one, you also must make sure that the real you is synced to it as in the real word its only ‘authenticity’ that counts and can lead you to create trust and ultimately win!

This session will cover tips and tricks to optimise your social media profiles to position yourself positively in front of clients I.e. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.


Guest Speaker from LinkedIn

Making the most of LinkedIn

James Mooney, Agency Partner Lead (EMEA) for LinkedIn and Lancaster University Alumnus will be coming in to discuss how you can gain maximum value from using LinkedIn!

James works with some of the company’s most important clients – helping them to transform the way that they hire, market and sell across their own organisations.

Attending this workshop will enable you to:

  • Gain an insight into the world of LinkedIn, its culture and vision of the future.
  • Receive top tips on how to develop your online profile and utilise LinkedIn to achieve your goals.
  • Listen to James’s experience of progressing from a Lancaster University student to becoming an internet executive with global perspective.

When? 1-2pm, Tuesday the 21st of February

Where? Fylde College Lecture Theatre 1

This is one not to be missed! Secure your place on Target Connect.