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An arts event

Experimentality: The Exhibition

7 July, 2010 - 15 July, 2010, Peter Scott Gallery, Lancaster University

In this exhibition, artists responded in strikingly different ways to the themes that were explored in the Experimentality programme. Some artworks explored how experimentation blurs the boundary between truth and deception, and between enlightenment and cruelty, in disturbing ways.

Experiments End - an evening of live art, music and video

8 July, 2010, Barkers House Farm, Lancaster University

Scarlett Thomas at Litfest

25 May, 2010, The Auditorium, The Storey, Lancaster

In a special event organised by Litfest in collaboration with Lancaster University's Experimentality programme, Scarlett Thomas read from and discussed her latest novel, Our Tragic Universe.

'I was reading about the end of the universe when I got a text message from my friend Libby . . .' If Kelsey Newman's theory about the end of time is true, we are all going to live forever. But for Meg – locked in a dead-end relationship and with a deadline long-gone for a book that she can't write – this thought fills her with dread. Meg is lost in a labyrinth of her own devising. But could there be an important connection between a wild beast living on Dartmoor, a ship in a bottle, the science of time, a knitting pattern for the shape of the universe and the Cottingley Fairies? Or is her life just one long chain of coincidences? Smart, entrancing and buzzing with big ideas, Our Tragic Universe is a book about how relationships are created and destroyed, and how a story might just save your life.

Talks on Art - Thomas Thwaites and the Toaster Project

9 March, 2010, Lecture Theatre, Ground floor, Storey Creative Industries Centre, Lancaster

Designer Thomas Thwaites is attempting to make an electric toaster from scratch; digging up the raw materials at various disused mines around Britain, processing and refining them in his back garden in south London, and forming them into components for his toaster

Talks on Art - Charlie Gere

23 February, 2010, Lecture Theatre, Ground floor, Storey Creative Industries Centre, Lancaster

In this talk, Charlie Gere considered the role of the hand in experimentation, arguing that it is the hand that is the most experimental organ, engaged as it is with touch, grasp and feel, beyond what can be seen.

Talks on Art - Bill Woodrow in conversation with Lewis Biggs

9 February, 2010, Lecture Theatre, Ground floor, Storey Creative Industries Centre, Lancaster

Bill Woodrow is a British sculptor who was nominated for the Turner Prize in 1986, and exhibited on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square in 2000.

What happens if ... ? at Storey Gallery

30 January, 2010 - 3 April, 2010, Storey Gallery, Meeting House Lane, Lancaster

What happens if ...?

An exhibition of experimental objects and actions by artists and designers from the UK, Switzerland, Hungary, Israel and the USA: Simon Blackmore, Attila Csörgo, Jerome Harrington, Michael Kontopoulos, Material Beliefs, Ariel Schlesinger, Roman Signer, Thomas Thwaites, Bill Woodrow and Stuart Walker.

Experimentality Photography Exhibition

13 January, 2010 - 6 February, 2010, Peter Scott Galllery

Piotr Woycicki, Flash Flood, 2009Piotr Woycicki, Flash Flood, 2009This was the exhibition of the winning photographs from the Experimentality Photography Competition, in which local artists were invited to respond to the title ‘The Experiment’.

Tim Crouch - ENGLAND

27 November, 2009 - 28 November, 2009, Peter Scott Gallery

As part of the collaboration between the Experimentality programme and the Nuffield Theatre, the triple award-winning ENGLAND traveled the trade routes of art and human beings through space and across borders.

Nothing Like the Sun - the Gavin Bryars Ensemble

26 November, 2009, The Great Hall, Lancaster University

The Gavin Bryars EnsembleThe Gavin Bryars EnsembleNothing Like the Sun
The Gavin Bryars Ensemble

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