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An arts event

A Family Double Bill

9 November, 2009, Nuffield Theatre Lancaster

Performers Michael Pinchbeck and Simon Bowes each brought their parents to work for this double-bill of distinctly personal performance, reflecting on family histories and the passing of time.

Michael Pinchbeck: The Post-show Party Show

Back to (and beyond) the Electric Palace - Psappha conducted by Nicholas Kok

29 October, 2009, Nuffield Theatre, Lancaster

The programme included: Philip Glass’s String Quartet No.3, ‘Mishima’; Anna Clyne’s Fits and Starts and Rapture; and a selection of five, rarely screened American ‘shorts’ with live musical accompaniment.

Luke Kennard and David Grubb at Lancaster Literature Festival

25 October, 2009, The Auditorium, The Storey, Lancaster

As part of the collaboration between the Experimentality programme and Lancaster Literature Festival, two poets who use language to take their readers on rollercoaster adventures into the surreal and absurd, the unsettling and the existential, read from and discussed their work at this event.

Luke Kennard

A2 Company: The Future of Death /part 5

23 October, 2009 - 24 October, 2009, Storey Gallery, Lancaster

London based A2 Company, the collaboration between artists Anton Mirto and Alit Kreiz, began research for this sensitive piece working with the terminally ill in palliative care, seeking to discover the changes of heart made on the verge of death, and how this knowledge might be put into practice. Out of this research came an evolving performance installation, The Future of Death, in which local residents gradually bury each other with earth, following a two-week workshop with the company exploring the inter-relationship between living and dying.

Mem Morrison: Ringside

15 October, 2009 - 16 October, 2009, Lancaster Town Hall

 Ringside draws on a lifetime of Turkish Cypriot family weddings, and is an intimate attempt to belong to a culture, to a family and to someone. This site-specific performance was performed with a group of 30 local female co-performers, who played the roles of Mem’s potential wives and wedding guests.

The City Experiment at FutureEverything

13 May, 2010 - 14 May, 2010, Manchester - Contact Theatre and other venues
  • How should we understand the contemporary city and its role in shaping the future?
  • How do the scale, density, heterogeneity and connectedness of cities accelerate social and technical experimentation and the production of new hybrid forms?
  • How are cities used as experimental spaces by public and private institutions?
  • How are cities likely to evolve under the demographic, economic, technological and environmental pressures of the 21st century?
  • How can experimental interventions in the arts and social sciences help to make visible the hidden patterns of city life, and possible future trajectories?
  • How might a greater appreciation of the intrinsic experimentality of urban culture enable new and more open-ended possibilities for social life?

The City Experiment explored the contemporary city as a distinctive social and material form which accelerates cultural and technical experimentation and hybridisation. In conference sessions, public debates, workshops and art events during the 2010 FutureEverything festival, we explored the ways which the city itself can be made more experimental, how art can be used to intervene in urban spaces, altering the implicit rules governing social interactions and provoking reflection and new creative possibilities for social life. Manchester was used as an example, but we also drew upon other city experiences globally.

Steven Hall and Ellis Sharp at Lancaster Literature Festival

17 October, 2009, The Auditorium, The Storey, Lancaster

As part of the collaboration between the Experimentality programme and Lancaster Literature Festival, two extraordinary writers read from their work and discussed how experimenting with the written world can shape our perception of the world.  

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