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Cloudworks - update for my cloud on Plan, Do Check/Study, Act

I have updated a cloud about Plan- Do- Check/Study- Act

Now with references for Argyris on Action Science and Nonaka on the Knowledge Creating company.

This could be the basis for a paper or workshop but meanwhile the cloud format allows for comments and new content. This blog will try to keep up links.

link to Cloudworks, design, inquiry

Found this link today through Twitter @gconole

'Learning through Inquiry and Teaching-as-design' link

The inquiry is by the students, could be a form of experiment. The design has to be aware of how an experiment works.

What I like about Cloudworks is that there is a strong base in practice. The theory comes across through the design of the site. and it seems to be working in terms of people contributing content.

Workshop 1 - Bogdan Costea, 'Managerialism, Creativity and the University'

Bogdan Costea’s (Organization, Work and Technology, Lancaster University) presentation was an attempt to offer an interpretation of the explosive growth of the idiom of creativity in current managerial and academic culture. His hypothesis stated that, in its current phase, managerialism may have struck gold by appropriating one of the significant elements of the popular self-understanding of a globalised bourgeoisie.

Workshop 1 - Marion McClintock, ‘The Post-war UK University’

Marion McClintock (Honorary Archivist and former Academic Registrar, Lancaster University) opened her presentation with a comparison of the social reality in Lancaster after the Second World War and now. She explained how, 20 years after the death of Lord Ashton in 1930, the Lancaster community was still dominated by the rivalry of two major family companies, in contrast to 2009 when main Lancaster employers are two universities and a hospital.

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