Experiments End - an evening of live art, music and video


8 July, 2010


Barkers House Farm, Lancaster University


To mark the end of its year-long Experimentality programme, the Institute for Advanced Studies held an evening of turntablism, electroacoustic music, live painting, ambient soundscapes, performance art and vj-ing.

Download poster here.

Experimentality ends Featured:

  • Philip Jeck
  • Rodrigo Constanzo and Angela Guyton
  • Mary Oliver, Lois Klassen and Craig Vear
  • Claire Marshall
  • smO
  • Paul Morris
  • Matt Walch

Performers’ bios:

Philip Jeck is a multimedia composer and performer famous for his complex, atmospheric improvised pieces using turntables, old vinyl records and electronics. “His work will certainly be counted among the most vital recordings of the new century. By looking back into the past, he has paradoxically created something undeniably of our time and forward-looking, and his music is timeless because of it.” (Stylus Magazine) http://www.philipjeck.com/

Composer and musician Rodrigo Constanzo and painter Angela Guyton combine abstract expressionist visual art with experimental electronic-acoustic music, producing joint improvised performances which explore the connections between the two art forms. http://www.rodrigoconstanzo.com / http://www.angelaguyton.com.

Mary Oliver has been writing and performing for twenty-five years. As an ensemble performer and vocalist she’s worked with House, Lee and Dawes, Le Grand Jeu, IOU Theatre, Claire Russ ensemble, Orfeo 5. Since 1999 she has also written and performed a series of solo multimedia performances pieces combining live and recorded action. “Adventurous, experimental and exhilaratingly dramatic” (The Sunday Telegraph). http://www.maryoliver.net/

Claire Marshall is better known as Detroit Techno and house DJ/Producer Cheyenne (http://www.myspace.com/cheyennemorningstar) but also as an academic archaeologist exploring the synergy between acoustical phenomena and sensory archaeology in the present (http://www.plateau-imprints.co.uk) with experimental forms of ambient musical utilising both primitive and 21st century technologies.

Matt Walch is a recent Lancaster University graduate and an electroacoustic composer, with a strong interest in exploring and implementing narrative elements in his work. He has been developing different types of composition related to this topic for the past two years. http://mattwalch.co.uk/