What happens if ... ? at Storey Gallery


30 January, 2010 - 3 April, 2010


Storey Gallery, Meeting House Lane, Lancaster


What happens if ...?

An exhibition of experimental objects and actions by artists and designers from the UK, Switzerland, Hungary, Israel and the USA: Simon Blackmore, Attila Csörgo, Jerome Harrington, Michael Kontopoulos, Material Beliefs, Ariel Schlesinger, Roman Signer, Thomas Thwaites, Bill Woodrow and Stuart Walker.

This exhibition was about experimentation and play. It presented artists with long-established international reputations alongside recent graduates. What they had in common is a mischievous curiosity about the world around us, and a do-it-yourself approach. They conducted witty low-tech experiments to uncover the enchantment hidden within everyday utilitarian objects. They played around with cause and effect, finding out what would happen if they subject familiar objects to unexpected treatments.

What happens if ...? was curated by Storey Gallery and presented in collaboration with the Experimentality programme of Lancaster University's Institute for Advanced Studies

A series of Talks on Art accompanied the exhibition.

  • 9 Feb - Bill Woodrow - interviewed by Lewis Biggs, Director of Liverpool Biennial
  • 23 Feb - Charlie Gere
  • 9 March - Thomas Thwaites
  • 23 March - Stuart Walker