Facilities Overview

The Facilities Division manages all aspects of the built environment, commercial activities, the provision of sports activity and environmental sustainability. Circa 600 staff manage the diverse portfolio of award winning services for students, staff, visitors and the local community. 

Our Vision

This is what we do…

We work together to deliver environments and experiences that enhance the reputation of the University and improve the lives of our students, staff and visitors: at all times remembering that we are part of an academic institution.

We involve each other and our customers in striving to meet or exceed the aspirations of the institution and individuals: embracing change is integral to our commitment to continuous improvement.

We all take pride in our work. We share a passion for creating a world class institution and seek to make sure we have the right people with the right skills to deliver on our goals.

We consider our context and environment so that we can work efficiently and effectively to ensure the sustainable development of the University over the next 50 years.

…We make campus an inspiring place to be.