En Suite

Available in Bowland, County and Fylde Colleges

£126.84-£136.85 per week

Like Superior Ensuite rooms, the older Ensuite residences on campus offer students private shower rooms. However, prices are reduced to reflect the age of the buildings.

Bowland Hall and County's John Creed Building built between 1989 and 1993 and offer Basic Ensuite rooms at a rate of £126.84 per week over 40 weeks.

Bowland's Slaidburn House was refurbished in 2011, thus attracting the slightly higher weekly rate of £136.85. Fylde College's George Fox Building will be refurbished in Summer 2019 and will also cost £136.85 per week going forward.

Three to four residents share kitchens in Bowland Hall and the John Creed Building, with eight to 11 sharing in Slaidburn House and George Fox.