Superior En Suite

Available in all colleges

£140.35-£149.59 per week

Around 65% of our accommodation is ensuite, with residents enjoying their own private WC, washbasin and shower. Most of this has opened since 2004.

Lonsdale and Cartmel Colleges offer entirely Superior Ensuite accommodation, with Furness Central, Fylde, County South, Grizedale and Pendle West also offering large quantities. Bowland Tower also has a small supply of this room type.

All offer 40 week lets, and a weekly fee of £140.35. Additionally there are a handful of larger rooms in Lonsdale, County, Fylde and Cartmel (36 week let only), costing £149.59 per week.

Between six and eight students share kitchen/dining facilities in our Superior Ensuite accommodation, except Bowland Tower where five share each floor and its associated communal facilities.