Spine Remodelling

The Spine Remodelling Project is now complete. The scope of the project spanned from the Great Hall down to the George Fox building.

Success on the Spine

The Kilometre-long pathway known as the Spine spans North to South through the centre of campus. In 2016, Lancaster University commissioned a project rejuvenate the Spine in its entirety, adding more open spaces and social areas along the route.

The benefits to come from the Spine included the creation of Great Hall Square and Great Hall Court, as well as a variety of other areas, like the Physics garden and Furness College Court. A canopy, stretching the length of the Spine allows more light whilst maintaining a weather-protected route along the way. New paving was installed to improve drainage along the route and give the route a different look and feel from the rest of campus, and a number of social spaces were introduced, surrounded by greenery and interesting features.

Consultation in the early stages of the project helped the achitects (RMA) to encorporate practical features in to the designs which addressed accessibility on campus and sustainability issues. The length of the Spine is now accessible from end to end and the "green roof" of the canopy helps wildlife and assists with the drainage and filtering of natural rain water. The construction of all this took around two years and was undertaken by Henry Boot Construction Limited (HBC).

The Spine project completed the construction stage in Autumn 2018.

Design the Spine Video

Design the spine video