Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find a list of frequently asked questions and answers to help during the 'Design the Spine' Remodelling Project. 


1. Where do I go to for information on the project and build phases?

The best place to visit is the project website pages which will continue to be updated for each phase. If you have any queries you can also contact the Facilities Helpdesk by email ( or telephone (01524 593333).

2. Will the campus map be updated?

A note will be added on to the campus map, stating that the Spine is being remodelled and direct users to the website for current phasing information.


3. What impacts will the construction works have?

  • Noise and Vibration – Acoustic and vibration monitoring will be implemented throughout the project to monitor the impacts. Specialist tools have also been chosen to help minimise noise and vibration.
  • Access Diversions – A full pedestrian management plan has been implemented to provide safe alternative routes for all staff, students and visitors. These will be published in advance the commencement of each phase
  • Door Closures – All door closures will be communicated in advance to those affected.
  • Parking Restrictions – There will be a number of parking restrictions on campus due to contractor compounds however alternative parking (including disabled bays) will always be available.
  • Dumper Trucks – Vehicular and pedestrian traffic will be clearly segregated at all times and all moving vehicles on the Spine will be accompanied by a banksman.

4. How will I find my way around campus when areas of the Spine are closed for construction?

Alternative pedestrian access routes will be displayed on signage to guide you through the campus safely. These routes will also be available on the project website pages.

5. Will construction work continue throughout the exam period?

Yes. We have made sure the contractor is aware of all important timetabled events including exam locations, exam study areas, and open days. Unfortunately, we can’t stop the contractor halfway through the work, as this would cause too much of a strain on the project and reaching the completion date. We will provide as many alternative exam locations and study areas as possible.

6. Will work be carried out in-between the LEC building and Library?

Yes. The conservatory area on the north side of the LEC Biology Lecture Theatre (and opposite the entrance of Brady’s Bookbinders) will be removed. This will create a clear line of sight down Library Avenue.


7. What will the remodelled Spine look like once completed?

To visualise how the remodelled Spine will look, visit our project homepage and view the architect’s flythrough video.

8. Has campus wayfinding and signage been considered in the design?

There is a separate Campus Wayfinding project which is currently in design. New external signage will be implemented as part of the Spine Remodelling Project.

9. How will we use the remodelled Spine as a visual communication tool?

The remodelled Spine will mean the loss of the current brick pillars. However, a number of digital screens will be delivered as part of the Spine Remodelling Project. Staff and students will be able to submit promotional signage which will be displayed digitally along the Spine. We understand print is an integral piece of communication, so there will also be allocated areas along the Spine to display posters.

10. Will the remodelled Spine have lighting?

Yes. The new canopies will incorporate new lighting and each of the newly landscaped areas will also be provided with new lighting. After experiencing a power cut from Storm Desmond last year, we have also ensured canopy lighting incorporates emergency lighting which will be required in the event of another power cut.

11. Has accessibility been considered in the design of the new Spine?

Yes. There has been consultation via the Equality and Diversity group which is managed via the HR team. Accessibility will be improved as the levels along the Spine will be improved and a new surface installed. Signage and lighting will also be improved and the removal of the pillars and widening of the steps outside Furness will enable safer movement along the Spine.

12. Which paving option was chosen after the voting took place?

Option A has been chosen and we would like to thank all those who took part in the vote.

Grounds and Green Spaces

13. What will happen to the trees which are being removed?

The trees which are being removed will be not be replanted, but they will be recycled. We are removing a lot of green space in the short term; however, this will be replenished with 5 times more trees and plants.

Tenants and Outlets

14. Do you have specific times and dates when the Spine works will affect tenants?

Yes, we do have a detailed programme of times and dates when the work will affect tenants. Throughout the 18 month programme, we will continue to communicate directly with tenants about how the works will affect them on a one to one basis.

The Future

15. When will the Spine be joined up with Alexandra Park?

This is not defined within the current project however we hope it will be in the future. Work on Alexandra Park will be joined with the new Health Innovation Campus project and extended starting at the George Fox Building through to Pendle Avenue.