30 November 2017
A section of canopy has been installed on the South Spine approach from Fylde College.

The section of canopy has been installed for testing and final approval from project managers of the University. The installation has been a great success which has led to the canopy being rolled out across the rest of the Spine.

The installed section of canopy features a slick, clean and eco-friendly design. The 'green' roof improves stormwater management by reducing runoff and improving water quality. Periodic sky-lights allow light to the pathway beneathe, reducing the need for additional lighting through the day, thus increasing energy efficiency.

The trial section (identified on the map below) gives a great taste of the future look and feel of the Spine. It is planned that the kilometre-long Spine will be completely weather protected by the canopy. Works are currently focussed on installing steel works on the mouth of the North Spine, around Physics Garden, in preperation for the installation of the canopy over Christmas vacation.

To find out more about the canopy, or to give your feedback, please contact the Facilities Helpdesk on 01524 593333 or email facilities.helpdesk@lancaster.ac.uk.