26 September 2017
The entrance to the South Spine from Alexandra Square is closed from Tuesday 26th September until February 2018.

From Monday 2nd October works will commence on the South Spine to rejuvenate the area adjacent to the Library, along the ramp area outside the Deli, as part of the Spine Remodelling Project. As a result, the South Spine entrance from Alexandra Square will close from Tuesday 26th September until February 2018.

Prior to the area closing, the cut-through between the Deli and LUSU Living will re-open and access will be maintained to each of the business’ throughout the duration of the works. Please be aware however that there is no through-route to the rest of the South Spine via this cut-through. Pedestrians wishing to access LEC or the Furness Building from Alexandra Square may do so via Furness College Courtyard (the South Spine approach) or the Furness Quad. Details of the diversion can be found on the attached map.

The area, now referred to as Library Square, will feature new canopies; both along the pathway and to the mouth of the South Spine, new paving, a stairway and seating areas. This work will create a refreshed, modern entrance to the South Spine from Alexandra Square, in-line with the rest of the Spine.

The completion of Library Square, planned for February next year, will mark the final stage of South Spine works in that area meaning that no further major disruption should be expected to LEC or Furness Buildings as a result of the project. The next stage of the Spine Remodelling Project will see works carried out to improve the pond area next to the Engineering Building and there after moving south to the soon-to-be Wetlands.

The Spine Remodelling Project is due to complete in summer 2018.

We apoogise for any inconvenience these works may cause.