20 October 2017
Student Ambassadors have been employed to stand in key areas of campus with the aim of helping new students find their way around.

Being a new student is tough. Finding your way around new places is tough. Meeting new people is tough. Every year, Lancaster University takes on more students and campus gets busier and busier. The University invests millions of pounds each your to expanding and refurbishing buildings to cater for students for years to come.

The construction works around campus are hard to miss. Many projects were conducted over summer vacation to limit the impact on students but this still leaves major projects such as the Spine and the LUMS Space Programme working hard right through term time and into next year. The works are unavoidable, we need to keep maintaining and developing our campus to remain the best University and be all that we can be. that said, there are things we can do to make the works more bearable.

This is why the Design the Spine project has funded over 10 Ambassadors to stand in key areas of the campus with the aim of helping people find their way around the busy campus. Armed with an endless supply of maps the Ambassadors braved the weather for 3 weeks to help guide people around the construction works ensuring students reached their lectures on-time. The feedback from people on campus has been great and it is felt that the service the Ambassadors provided was well worthwhile.